• Developer:
    Based in Barcelona, ES

  • Website:

  • Release date:
    Feb 3rd, 2018

  • Platforms:
    Android & iOS

  • Languages:
    English, Spanish, French,
    Italian, German, Catalan,
    Portuguese, Russian,
    Japanese, Chinese

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Street league is a one tap 2D platform game where you will need to run, jump and avoid a whole lot of different enemies and obstacles in order to get to goal and score to complete each level.

In Brazil and Japan (more zones to come) you will face several enemies and obstacles with different and unique mechanics in levels that will grow in size the more far you get. Unlock various achievements that will challenge you and give you more coins to get more lives and be able to use powerups to beat the hardest parts.

Also, play against other users in the multiplayer mode featuring 1 vs 1 levels in order to feel the tension of real duels and be rewarded with extra lifes that you might need in case you run out of them.

Join Turbo in this football adventure around the streets of all over the world!

▪ Easy to play: One tap is all you need to control your player
▪ Run and jump: Show your skills with precise timing
▪ Score goals: Tap as much you can to shoot stronger
▪ A crowd of enemies and obstacles: They think they can stop you, so prove them wrong
▪ Win trophies: Unlock them by accomplishing different achievements
▪ Story mode: Brazil and Japan are waiting for you. Updated regularly with new levels and new countries
▪ Multiplayer mode: Compete against other players in 1 vs 1 levels

The Street League Best Players Elite has room for one more player. Who will be the first one to become part of them? Your journey will take you around the world in order to make yourself worthy to sit in one of the thrones of the elite.


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